Tiketpanas.com was established in 2013 as an online ticketing portal to allow local FC/FA to sell their tickets online. The project is initiated following an outcry and mad rush for football tickets by football fans at several states and stadium in 2013. Thousands of football fans failed to purchase tickets, despite being queuing up as early as 6 am! The objective of Ticketpanas.com is to give the local fans a fair chance to purchase tickets online, just like European countries.

Football lover can also track on latest match information & results via Tiketpanas.com. With the clear match info provided, fans will be able to pre-purchase their tickets online without risking to miss any Hot Match, anytime, anywhere.

Tiketpanas.com is managed and administrated by MyELink Sdn Bhd, the system is developed by a group of e-commerce expertise, with more than 5 years’ experience on online ticketing system.